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    Home Business Magazines Articles Press Release Entertainment Magazines Contact us Subscribe About Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy Search Results EN EN AF AR FR HA IG NG SW TN TS YO ZU Our mission To promote the black and African community. ​ To support women empowerment especially in Africa. ​ To promote equality, diversity and inclusivity. ​ To promote environmental and business sustainability Featured Article Latest Magazines Latest Articles Interview with Seipati Mokhuoa: Founder of SAWIL Seipati Mokhuoa is the Founder of SAWIL and Regional Director/Partner at Board Academy Africa. A formidable and influential thought leader 2 views Write a comment Interview with Antoine Paillusseau: CEO of FinChatBot FinChatBot automates customer experiences for financial services through performance-driven digital solution. 15 views Write a comment A brief look at Tantalum supply from Africa On the global seen, big tech companies such as Apple, Microsoft and Sony are feeling the impact of what is called “Chip shortage”. 7 views Write a comment Ally is a verb! Definition: Ally, a person or group that gives help to another person or group (of Latin origin, meaning “to bind together” 66 views Write a comment Press Release Kenyan startup, Mazi Mobility, launches flagship electric motorcycle fleet backed by global Venture Builder Satgana 20 views Write a comment Understanding the Intrinsic value of a company and its corresponding market shares In the digital age, buying and selling of shares can be done by anyone who knows their way around a computer and has an internet connection 20 views Write a comment The European Super League: Greed or Business Sustainability In recent weeks, the football community and numerous governments officials came together to reject the planned European Super League (ESL). 5 views Write a comment After George Floyd, what next for the black community? Last week, Derek Chauvin was found guilty of murdering George Floyd. Justice was finally served for George Floyd, 20 views 1 comment Her voice will be heard: The next steps in progressing the gender parity conversation The sound of women spread like fire across the globe and was unmistakably audible this year with a resounding message of do more & talk less 42 views Write a comment Growth hacking your company during a pandemic As a retail company specialising in outdoor lifestyles, we have implemented several successful strategies to curb this problem 77 views Write a comment Jungle justice in Africa Jungle justice also known as mob justice is a form of public vigilantism in Sub-Saharan Africa, most notably in Nigeria and Cameroon. 75 views Write a comment Stripe vs Paypal: Different strategies of expansion in Africa In the span of 10 years, Stripe has acquired nine organizations as part of their expansion plan. Their most recent acquisition was Paystack. 27 views Write a comment Factors influencing Human Trafficking: A focus on Africa The articles explores the factors associated with human trafficking and its victim impact in Africa 48 views Write a comment Managing Mental Health in Africa Managing mental health in Africa is very challenging because this issue is highly stigmatizing in our culture. 51 views Write a comment January Report Across Africa The January 2021 report across Africa looks at key events across different African regions such as the Ethiopia-Tigray civil war. 71 views Write a comment Trumpism: An African perspective Trump is gone but the impact of Trumpism on Africa will never be forgotten. This article explores how Trumpism impacted Africa and the world 19 views Write a comment Yoweri Museveni: A promise of Uganda democracy to an era of fascism Yoweri Museveni promised Uganda democracy and an era of peace. What they got was fascism and an authoritarian regime. 28 views Write a comment Grand Inga Dam Project: Unrealised potential The Grand Inga Dam is a proposed hydropower project with the capacity to produce 40 GW of power. Making it the world's largest power station 37 views Write a comment Africa's Economy: A victim of Dept-trap diplomacy or a willing participant Africa's economy is forecasted to grow from $2 trillion to $29 trillion by 2050, but there are a number of factors that could impact this. 23 views Write a comment Akon City: Dream or Reality Akon City is a planned construction project to build a green futuristic city in Senegal. 51 views Write a comment Donald Trump pardons four human rights violators responsible for killing 14 innocent Iraqis Donald Trump pardons four human rights violators responsible for killing 14 innocent Iraqis 4 views Write a comment Boko Haram: Nigeria’s biggest security problem 11 years after Boko Haram’s founder was killed, they are still terrorising northern Nigeria, we no recourse from the Nigerian government 25 views Write a comment Dangote Oil Refinery Dangote Oil Refinery is a 650,000 barrels per day (BPD) integrated refinery project under construction in the Lagos, Nigeria. 29 views Write a comment Black Lives Matter Co-Founder urges Nigeria to free jailed anti-SARs protesters Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Urges Nigeria to Free Jailed Police Protesters 11 views Write a comment

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